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Being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to take the entrepreneurial journey alone. We provide early-stage solopreneurs with tools to learn, launch, connect and grow their business into a limitless empire.

500+ Digital Resources For A Boss On A Budget

Explore digital resources that will help you begin your solopreneurial journey

The early stages of a solopreneurial journey can be difficult when you don’t have a roadmap to follow or a support system when you become discouraged. Often times when you take a journey without proper directions, you risk getting lost, you become frustrated, you lose patience and often times you waste money trying to reach your destination. An entrepreneurial journey is an ever-changing ride that comes with a mix of ups, downs, twists and turns that can make the journey challenging. If you are a solopreneur, taking the journey alone, the challenge is increased.

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Digital Downloads

Download templates and workbooks suitable for any type of business.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Digital Community

Connect with a community of like minded solopreneurs for accountability, encouragement, advice and/or mentorship.

Access to affordable resources and like-minded allies is a game changer for any entrepreneur starting a business solo. Our digital resources are the building blocks for a solopreneur to launch their business with clear directions and supportive buddies. We are passionate about empowering others to create life-changing outcomes through the power of entrepreneurship, faith and community.

Jumpstart your start-up with digital resources

Actionable resources for solopreneurs on their journey

I earned a $5,000 profit my first month in business!

The templates and workbooks I downloaded helped me build a solid foundation for my business. They helped me double my sales in six months after downloading several templates and the pricing strategy workbook.

Tommy Klein

Digital Community

The beginning of a solopreneur’s journey is often the most difficult. It’s during the early stages when they need the most advice, encouragement and unconditional support from others. The start of the journey is often the loneliest period when a solopreneur’s faith is tested, they constantly feel discouraged and imposter syndrome shows up every day. The Boss Buddies digital app allows solopreneurs to be matched with others who understand the struggle of starting a business alone. Using modern day technology, solopreneurs can select desired criteria to be connected to like-minds, crowdfund to grow their start-up and expand their network of bosses.

Finding boss buddies that will provide accountability, advice, encouragement, feedback, inspiration and motivation will help a solopreneur feel connected and supported when starting their new business.

Connecting People through Digital pathways

Finding a boss buddies on a similar journey as me has been a game changer for my new business. I finally have a non-biased person who can give me constructive feedback, encouraging words and help me be accountable to the goals I set for my business.

Tasha Bellamy

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Our mission is to empower, educate and guide early-stage solopreneurs by giving them access to modern day tools, resources and a digital community of like- minds.


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