Finding like-minded entrepreneurs has never been this easy

Boss Buddies®️ is the first matchmaking app for underrepresented entrepreneurs to fundraise and find like-minded friends, mentors, coaches, beta testers, and influencers.Entrepreneurs can connect with fellow founders, who can help cure loneliness, ease imposter syndrome and offer genuine support while enduring the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Find Your Entrepreneurial Soulmate

Using our unique matching algorithms, get matched to others who understand the challenges entrepreneurs face and are mutually ready to provide accountability, share valuable advice, and offer their unwavering support. Boss Buddies allows you the opportunity to curate a personalized community of bosses near or far.

Create Profile

Create a FREE profile that reflects your business interests, goals, and what you're seeking in potential connections with fellow founders. Customize your preferences to help the app's algorithm match you with like-minded individuals who can be your support system.

Get Verified

All users must be 18+ with a legal business entity in the United States to fundraise and connect with others. Verification ensures that users can find friends, mentors, coaches, beta testers, and influencers who have legitimate experience to offer. The process can take up to 24hrs.

Match & Connect

Search, find, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs near or far. Start fundraising or send a connection request to those who pique your interest. Once your connection is mutual, you can officially communicate with your buddies of choice.

Raise Money For Your Business

Included in your FREE basic subscription is the option to set up unlimited fundraising campaigns.
Create an account, get verified, and you can begin fundraising immediately using our exclusive fundraising partner. There is NO COST to fundraise. The only fees you will incur are merchant processing fees.

Boss Buddies Bot

The Boss Buddies Bot is a custom GPT trained to support underserved entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey, from ideation to scaling and beyond They offer personalized assistance and guidance in critical aspects of entrepreneurship.Must have the premium version of CHAT GPT to gain access

Early Access Pricing

Get early access and connect with unlimited buddies for FREE while we are in Beta.Elevate your user experience and showcase your expertise as a coach, mentor, or influencer to a community of entrepreneurs looking for advice, guidance, and support.



  • Unlimited matches

  • Unlimited connections

  • Unlimited Fundraising Campaigns

  • Be a Beta Tester (optional)



  • Unlimited Matches

  • Unlimited Connections

  • Unlimited Fundraising Campaigns

  • Unlimited Pictures

  • View available beta testers

  • Display unlimited boss badges (coach, mentor, influencer)

  • Billed every 3 months ($9.66/mo)

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