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Affordable digital tools for bosses who are in the early stages of their solopreneurial journey. Access templates, guides and workbooks intended to help solopreneurs launch., learn, grow and sustain a profitable business.

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Starting a business on a solid foundation means writing a business plan, creating a SWOT analysis, planning a marketing strategy, securing capital, protecting your brand and knowing your audience. Starting a business without laying the groundwork is what often leaves new solopreneurs lost, not profitable and ready to return back to Corporate America. Our digital eBooks, templates and workbooks aim to make the journey less stressful for solopreneurs who are wearing all the hats in their business. We have designed budget-friendly resources that can be applied to any business in the start- up phase. A solopreneur can quickly access digital downloads designed to teach, encourage and motivate during the most crucial times of the journey.

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